What a difference a week makes

Now it’s March and much of our snow has already melted because of several warmer days and lots of Wisconsin sunshine. Yes, you read that right. Wisconsin sunshine. We do get quite a bit, but the media doesn’t focus on that. Since we’re the Upper Midwest, we’re supposed to be the Frozen Tundra, and certainly we have those days… ok, months. But there is also lots of sunshine. And that means that our steep driveway often loses its snow cover during a sunny day without our having to snow-blow.

Although it’s 21 degrees outside this morning, the sun is blinding, and the high will hit 35 today, and into the 40s by the weekend! Yes, indeed… looks like an early spring to me, so Jimmy the Groundhog hit it right this time. Smells like spring, too, and the birds are blathering about the yard every morning now. Can’t imagine what they’re finding to eat. Nothing in our yard, anyway.

The taste of spring makes it impossible to even remember the last snowfall. Too bad I’m indoors all day today at a desk, in front of a computer, in a windowless academic world.

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