More snizzle

Again today, we awoke to a thin layer of new snow hiding the dirty stuff and all the ruts in the pavement. It was lovely — big fluffy white stuff floating down. But it was a busy day in my windowless office and I didn’t go outside. By the time I went home, it was dark; a long day. But in the morning, we hear birds chirping, pretending that there is NOT a foot of snow on the ground still. But even with the snow, it still smells spring-like and I’m not the only person who thinks so! 

After six winters in Wisconsin, I can start to see some patterns. Sort of. To me, “winter” is Dec, Jan and Feb. So because it’s Feb 23, that means winter is almost over. And I don’t think I have cabin fever, although I have to admit, I’m now looking forward to long bike rides to work which might start in April. If it doesn’t rain too much. Winter went by quickly, but it does help that I work in an office all day and am thinking about other things besides what it looks like outside.

I’m greatly looking forward to genealogy classes starting March 6th at the Wisconsin Historical Society!

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