Thunderstorms in Madison!

The first snowstorm of the winter season is always a noteworthy event here in Madison. The first thunderstorm of the spring season is less noticeable, but I noticed last night when flashing lightning, window-rattling thunder and torrential downpours made it difficult to nod off to sleep after Duke pulled off their big basketball win. Or should I say, after Butler missed their potentially-prediction-shattering chance at victory.

It was still raining, lightning and thundering this morning when we got up, so we had to check the water run-off on the property to see if we were going to avoid standing water in undesirable places. It looks like the drainage improvements have worked. Our lawn service came last week for the first treatment of the year, so by the end of this week, it’s likely the grass will be green & clean with all brown vestiges of the weight of packed snow since December, eliminated from the landscape. Flowers are up; bushes & trees are budded. And it’s time to prime our little garden spot for a few tomatoes and peppers, to be installed around Memorial Day. Ah… spring! Such a pleasant diversion!

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