Best haircut in Madison, WI

I will confess that one of the things I worried about when I found out we might relocate to Madison, Wisconsin, was… how would I find someone to cut my hair? I’d been seeing the same stylist for most of the 13 years I lived in northern Virginia. All my life, I’ve had a hard time finding someone who can do a short haircut that pleases me. Short hair is hard to cut. One of my new friends in Madison used to drive to Milwaukee for a haircut because she couldn’t bear to look for someone else in Madison. And our favorite blogger claims to fly to LA for a haircut instead of finding someone in Madison. Look no further.

After I’d been in Madison for about a year, I realized that whenever I saw my friend Kate, I noticed how great her short haircut looked. Finally it dawned on me to ask about her stylist. I figured since she lived on the east side, she probably had someone over there, but I thought I might consider driving to that side of town for a haircut if I could get one like Kate’s. Turned out that Toni was on the west side and Kate has been driving over here for a decade for the best haircut in Madison! It took me quite a while to get on Toni’s list but now I visit her place at Classic Hair Designs every 5 weeks or so for a haircut that makes me VERY HAPPY. She’s been cutting hair for nearly 25 years, and also does makeup. And she’s one of the most delightful people I’ve ever met! Truly.

Don’t waste your money flying to LA for haircuts or driving to Milwaukee or Chicago when you can get the best haircut in south central Wisconsin at 8333 Greenway Blvd, Suite 300, Middleton WI (on the west border with Madison) — make an appointment by calling 608-831-4247 and tell her Jan sent you. And no, I’m not making this up. I’m just telling you who cuts hair the best around here!

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