Fresh air

I’m spending too much time indoors. Now that I’m working again full-time, and in an office with no outside light coming in, I don’t get much fresh air during the winter. I’m beginning to feel impatient for spring to arrive so I can begin biking to work again. I’ve just been indoors way too much this winter. When I wasn’t working, I spent more winter time skiing, walking outdoors, or just even around the block. So, today, with the scent of spring conflicting with the view out my window of plenty of snow, I pulled on some boots, and took off to walk for half an hour down the street, across the bridge, through the park, and around the neighborhood back to my house. That was after two episodes of LOST5 on the treadmill, so tonight I’m tired. More taxes today, grocery store… that’s about it. And now it’s time to start another week. Already. How did this weekend go by so fast?

3 thoughts on “Fresh air

  1. You have serious cabin fever. 🙂

    My rule of thumb on winter in New York is: don’t get your hopes up too soon. And I have to imagine Wisconsin is worse!

    I don’t expect pleasant spring in NY until MAY! April is often 40 degrees and raining, despite the occasional periods of warmth.

    That’s why I’m going to MEXICO at the end of March.

  2. Hey, the snow is REALLY melting fast here now! Even though it’s cold in the AM, the temps get up into the upper 30s and soon into the 40s. Snow will be gone in a flash! Remember, you guys got 6 more weeks of winter, but our Groundhog said early spring, and he was right!

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