Cream cheese frosting on a cold day

This morning I slept later than normal because I stayed up too late last night writing. As I left the house, I was blinded by brilliant sunshine, crisp 24-degree air and an amazing sight — the landscape was covered with a new inch of delicious white snow, covering everything that’s been on the ground since early December (and turned to ice). It looked like cream cheese frosting, softening every sharp edge in sight. It looked just like the cream cheese frosting on the King Cake that I ate too many pieces of today at our office Mardi Gras party. It was such a delicious midday meal — red beans & rice, various salads, corn bread, French bread, and of course the delectable King Cake. We bought our King Cake locally, instead of ordering it from New Orleans. Support your local bakery even if the product is not specifically NOLA authentic. It was so tasty! We all had beads and many photos were snapped! Some attendees had to learn about the King Cake traditions, so we filled them in — you get the baby, you have to bring the cake next year! And we got a photo of Anne so she won’t forget!

A look at the forecast for the next 10 days suggests we could be in an early spring mode, although I will try not to get too excited about this prospect. Anything could happen. But when you see mid to upper 20s for 10 days to come, and lows remaining in the double digits, you take heart that perhaps Jimmy the Groundhog is accurate this year!

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