One month of a Year in Madison

Today, mercifully, is the last day of January. Which means we’re one month closer to spring. It hasn’t been a thrilling snow month for Madison. When we get 6 inches here, no one blinks an eye; it’s just not enough to worry about, since the state has plenty of equipment for dealing with much larger snow events. And we didn’t really have any large snow events this month, to speak of. The 15 inches that landed in our driveway on December 8 and 9 constituted the major event so far. There’s still plenty of opportunities for more snow, so I’m not giving in just yet. And not complaining, just observing.

This is my 21st post for January, my first month of blogging. That comes to about 68% of the month covered. I had intended to blog every single day, but that did not happen!  However, the writing stiffness is beginning to loosen up.

January was also busy because 2 of my weekends featured Saturday scrapbooking workshops, and one weekend involved a Friday to Sunday retreat. And two realtors brought clients by to look at the house. We have had no offers so we are lowering the price. The house thus looks uncharacteristically tidy for January. Normally by this time, post-holidays, the place would be pretty messy, but we’ve had to keep it tidy for potential buyers. It looks so much nicer when it’s tidy.

The real estate market in Madison seems fairly robust, all things considered, especially for houses closer to the average for this area. And especially for people  pressured to move because they’re leaving the area. And we’re not. Not pressured, and not leaving the area.

February and March will feature quieter weekends, or at least that’s how it looks from this end at the moment. All could change with an offer on the house, but likely for this coming cold month, I’ll be inside packing boxes. February historically can get some single digit days with wind. But already I see more light in the evenings which feels uplifting and encouraging. And lawns are visible! January went by quickly — it’s the blue snow month. February, starting tomorrow, is the red heart month. Thinking about paper for mounting photos…

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