Snow coming

It’s Wisconsin, so in January, February and March, you can expect snow to come at any time. Back to back fronts roll west to east across the country. Sometimes they hit you hard, and sometimes they miss you. We are expecting 4-8 inches of snow on Thursday, or so says The Weather Channel. I love to turn it on every morning before I leave for work — just for a quick update and a joke or two from Steph and Jimbo. A few inches of snow is nothing for Wisconsin — what would shut down Washington DC is just another winter day here. Of course. And it’s pretty to watch. But we’ll see if it actually comes. We had just one blizzard so far this season — 15.5 inches on Dec 8 and 9 and UW closed for a day! That was a major surprise. We are the frozen chosen and we will not put a dome on Lambeau Field! Domes are for wimps.

Green Bay’s playing Arizona again this weekend! Things are heating up…

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