Good songs, good laughs

It was another very cold day in Madison — a day for the treadmill, a bit of Packers football, more cooking, and a very cheap movie. There is still a place to see a film on a large screen for $2.50 — right here in Madison. We went to see Pirate Radio and I was very pleasantly surprised at how much I liked it. I loved hearing my coming-of-age music on the rollicking Rock Radio ship in the North Sea in the 1960s. Lots of laughs during that movie, and all four of us really enjoyed it. As a teenager in South Florida during the late 1960s, I knew nothing about pirate radio at the time; I just listened to local radio stations playing unlimited music. How lucky we were.

Meanwhile, the weather is starting to wear on me… but maybe it’s only the impending end of vacation; tomorrow I go back to work. And it was in the 20s in North Florida, plus a foot of snow is falling in coastal Maine where our son is headed tomorrow by road. But at least the Packers won their game very nicely against the Cardinals. Even though we only watched the first hour. There’s been a lot of football these past couple of weeks. The season is ending, and 24 starts up later this month!

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